Michael Durrer, Partner, International Law Firm, London +

My first trip with Fish Out of Water was to bring important banking clients on a fishing trip to Scotland. Well – we had a ball...

The first evening was spent at a very classy hotel, and the next day our group split up so that we could all enjoy the things we were most passionate about.

I’m a very keen fisherman but I’d never fished in Scotland before. Ann and some of her lovely friends showed us the greatest time. We went sailing ‘in the gloaming’ on Loch Lomond, which was exquisite. Others from our party went golfing at St Andrews, fulfilling their own lifetime dreams.

It’s the people who make any time special, and the Fish Out of Water team were really fun to be with. On the final evening, we stayed at the Balmoral and had a fabulous dinner in its private dining room. The whisky tasting really got the party in festive mood.

Ann even introduced me to the girl who has everything a man would want in a wife. Sadly, she wouldn’t let me bring Hazel her Labrador home with me. But, despite that, I’ve been back to Scotland with Fish Out of Water several times – it’s great to make friends across the border; it totally changes the experience for you.

Michael Durrer
International Law Firm, London

Susan Burian, AJA +

My husband has always been drawn to the romance and history of Scotland, so when I wanted to create a very special 60th birthday celebration for him, Scotland seemed to be the ideal destination to gather our friends from Europe and the US.

Teaming up with Fish Out of Water was one of the smartest things I could have done. They listened to me as I described the individuals within our 20-strong party, and chose the most perfect hotel for us all. It had just been lavishly refurbished and we loved it.

There were many special little touches that made the trip so memorable – like arranging for us to be VIP guests at Edinburgh Castle, to fire the One O’clock Gun. Ann’s husband also has military connections, and he secured an insider tour of the Castle for us. Following the tour, she had arranged the perfect place to take the whole group for a great lunch.

We’re seasoned travellers, and we appreciate quality and service, so we were really delighted that Ann and her team pulled out the stops for us. Two years later, and our guests are still talking about the trip. It was a real success.

Susan Burian

Kathryn Quinn, AIA +

Dear Fish Out of Water,

My heartfelt thanks for one of the best vacations ever! The hotel you found for us at the outskirts of Edinburgh was simply spectacular with the memory of the peacocks strolling the well-groomed grounds, the historically hip style (my new term of art for the quintessential blending of traditional and contemporary) of the rooms and common areas, and the attentive staff just meld into one extraordinary experience. (Did I mention the gorgeous staff in their hip attire - black shirts, black kilts and socks with little dagger pins? I still dream about them.) The restaurants you selected and the tours you organized were authentic and customized to our taste. We all felt we were travelers and not tourists in a splendid country, one that I’m already planning to revisit through your services.

Thank you again for your keen sense of the Beauty of the understated, unique and poetic travel experience that Scotland holds.

Kathryn Quinn, AIA