Harley Davidson
Harley Davidson
Tour the Glens and Highlands

At the turn of the century, it might have been hard for a young pattern maker from Milwaukee, to have ever considered that he might create a motorcycle that one day could be ridden around the Glens and Highlands of Scotland, and yet Arthur Davidson who’s family hailed from Angus must have possessed a great drive and vision, as today motorcyclists throughout the world aspire to drive a Harley-Davidson.

The magnitude of Scotland’s natural beauty is expanded and amplified by riding one of these special motorcycles on some of the most historic and scenic roads in Europe. West Coast rentals provide customised packages and escorted tours on brand new Harley-Davidsons all within easy reach from a central base.

West Coast Harley-Davidson is located in the vibrant heart of Scotlands biggest city within easy access to two international airports and the best route to touring the Highlands. Enjoy the magnificent views and scenery riding on A-type roads up towards the west coast and motorways of the north and east. Each of our bikes are fully equipped latest model Harley-Davidsons which can be hired daily or weekly. In addition we can arrange fully escorted customised tours leaving from a central point ensuring your visit makes the most of the unique nature of Scotland’s heritage.